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Poster: He Live's Date: Oct 30, 2008 8:29pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: eyes of the world

that's a good one rings 'em bells! that is hallowed territory: CLASSIC 73...

phil dominates -- he gets a thick, lush sound and shakes the garden -- and you are on point: this jam gets heavily into the dissonant, contradictory/cohesive/conductive PSYCHE similar to dark star and the other "deep jams" (people throw around "atonal" but what they mean is Dissonant)

in a yearning towards their romantic roots and less self-indulgent side they tell the story of bobby mcgee, a simple song that the dead always end up playing in a psychedelic mood -- the song comes to a conclusion, and with a noodle, jerry heads off in unknown territory -- bobby cannot take the abstraction -- and forces out a nice WRS Prelude, before everyone remembers it's jerry's turn --

a perfectly up-tempo EYES OF THE WORLD is born: such a lovely pairing of major and minor -- and i think EOW provided Jerry and Phil with a new dynamic, or, a new "platform-dynamic" -- there is a very unique languorous quality to the way the "eyes of the world" unfolds -- on the jams they change keys at times -- but it is not exactly regimented to certain number of measures. they hold the tension chord for a shorter amount of time. but not always -- it is arrangement on the spot. the melodies that emerge dictate the plot.

i am happy to say many would love to explain why this is wrong, but the versions of Eyes of the World from 73 & 74 have a Purity to them, unrivaled in later years. while some are outstanding versions, from 75 on -- i think jerry was not always so interested in playing it. in 73 and 74, he seems very probing and on the verge of discover in many versions. i do not know if the interest was there so much in the 80s..... oh and in 73 and 74 he also was very fond of the Eyes>China Doll scenario, which i think is one of his best pairings, by far.... (what woud be next? MIssissippi>Franklin's?)

hey rings, thanks for bringing this one up!

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